[Bldg-sim] why the autosized design air flow rate differ so much in different floor?

韩星 foolishstar at 163.com
Sun Feb 26 04:46:01 PST 2012

Thanks James.
But I'm afraid it is not that reason. I set the ground floor as adiabatic but the design air flow is still high, just very little lower compared to the previous one.

At 2012-02-26 20:42:21,"James Hansen" <JHANSEN at ghtltd.com> wrote:

It's almost surely your first floor slab.  The default configuration and U-value for these constructions are usually very poor.


On Feb 26, 2012, at 7:31 AM, "韩星" <foolishstar at 163.com> wrote:

Hi, every body,

I now have a difficult problem. I found that the autosized design air flow in the first floor is much larger than the second floor, about 5-10 times of the second floor. I cannot figure out the reason, because the indoor lighting, equipment power and the occupant density are all the same for the two floors.
In my opinion, the second floor should have a higher air-conditioning load than the first floor because it is the building's top floor. But the result is just the opposite.
I really want to know the reason and how I should deal with it.

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