[Bldg-sim] question about DGI calculation

Lars O. Grobe grobe at gmx.net
Tue Feb 28 23:45:25 PST 2012

Hi Michaela!

As long as you are looking into radiation, you can stay with Radiance 
(just assign the wavelength ranges as needed to the - by default three - 
channels). If you need to handle other, non-radiative energy transfers, 
one option is to use ESP-r. This tool is a general building simulation 
software, with an integrated interface to Radiance for daylighting 

Cheers, Lars.

> Hallo!
> I need to calculate the DGI for an office room. I know only RADIANCE 
> as software that calculates this parameter including shading system 
> model (positon, inclination, an so on).
> I would like to use a tool that can include thermal parameters like 
> radiadion (W/m2).
> Whick kind of software could I use?
> Best regards
> Michela 

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