[Bldg-sim] eQuest - common surface between shells and zooming in 3D

Liam O'Brien obrien_liam at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 11 05:41:31 PDT 2012

Hi All,
Two quick questions as an eQUEST rookie:
1) I have a gym (25 ft tall) shell surrounded by a hallway shell (10ft). I was hoping that the gym's surfaces that touch the hall would be split into two (10 ft tall and 15ft tall) so that they would have different boundary conditions; namely that the top 15ft would be exposed to the exterior. However, the DD Wizard is making the whole thing exposed to the exterior. Is there a way around manually fixing this in the detailed mode? I really hope so!
2) In the 3D view mode, is there any way to zoom or pan (and not just rotate). If I'm going to edit things in detailed mode (see above!), then that would be pretty helpful!
Thanks in advance,
Liam O'BrienAssistant ProfessorCarleton University, Ottawa, Canada 		 	   		  
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