[Bldg-sim] 90.1 Section 5.6 envelope trade off

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You are likely correct, I can select, copy and paste all the 
equations and coefficients from Appendix C into a text 
document.  Then it's a matter of creating a spreadsheet or Perl 
program to do the calculations.

At 08:46 AM 14/06/2012, Leonard Sciarra wrote:
>FYI - Appdx c is being re-written, for 90.1-2013.  When I get back 
>to internet connectivity I can give you the addendum letter.  The 
>goal was to streamline the baseline building generation, even automate it.
>As for the current Appdx c their is no document u seek that I know 
>exists. But it reads pretty clearly, ( as everything feeds into one 
>equation ) so I would just go all old school and write them 
>down.  It's only about 10 or 15 or so.
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>Is there any way to obtain all the coefficients listed in APPENDIX C,
>the methodology for the envelope trade-off calculations?  Even better
>would be a text file with all the equations and the coefficients.
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