[Bldg-sim] Please Vote! Make simulation Q&A better for our community

Neal Kruis neal.kruis at bigladdersoftware.com
Tue Jun 11 12:08:56 PDT 2013

Fellow Building Simulationists,

I know you've already seen several emails about our proposal to improve how
people get answers to their simulation related questions. If you haven't,
here is a link to the site:


Thanks so much to those of you who have already joined and followed the
effort. We now have more than 200 followers (which is more than most of
these sites can claim)!

BUT it's not only the number of followers that will help us realize our
goal. We need everyone to VOTE! Voting on questions is how we prove to the
people hosting the site that our community has a well defined topic and
scope to warrant a site specifically for questions about "Building
Performance Simulation & Analysis".

We are so close to moving on to our next phase. Even if a handful of people
who have already signed up return to the site to use their allotted 5
votes, we can probably reach our goal of 40 questions with 10 or more votes
within a matter of days.

So please, take just a few minutes to go to the site and vote on some
questions that do not yet have 10 votes and help us improve the support for
our community!


If you have any questions or problems navigating the site, don't hesitate
to send me an email.

Thank you!

Neal Kruis
828 482-2088

Big Ladder Software
2549 Irving Street
Denver, CO 80211
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