[Bldg-sim] Diversity factors

Bharath Seshadri s.bharath at ntu.edu.sg
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Hi Rathnashree,

Yes, it’s not easy for a core-and-shell building. We helped design a core-shell building recently. Here are some points we considered:

-          What kind of tenants do you expect to occupy the space? Offices/Laboratories/Workshops etc?

-          If its offices, you could take the same diversity as occupancy i.e. assuming you are using some kind of demand based ventilation control

-          If its Labs/Workshops you could refer to design guides such as Labs21 or local standards

-          But the best option would be to study metered data of buildings of the same function in your region to understand what an acceptable diversity factor for fresh air could be

Hope this helps. Do let me know if you need further references. Would be glad to help.

Regards, Bharath

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Dear All,

In most of the core and shell projects, the HVAC consultant would have considered diversity factor on the overall cooling tonnage. While modelling, we will be able to comfortably take diversity on occupancy, equipment and lighting loads. But diversity on fresh air cannot be taken. Because of which the project may end up with plant unmet hours. Please let me know how to tackle the issue.



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