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Wed Aug 13 09:18:40 PDT 2014

Hi Rathna,

1. Load calculation usually takes the worst-case scenario. For cooling
peaks, all the internal loads, envelope and solar heat will be covered at
design temperature difference. In the real world, it is rare such worst
case will be predominant and it is not necessary to fine-tune every each
inputs of your annual energy model.

2.  My understanding, as I mentioned in my last email, is that occupancy
diversity usually links with ventilation load and equipment rather than the
heat/cooling plant. Such diversity ​should compromise on building
envelope, etc. If the plant cannot handle envelope lost/gain, it is not
properly sized, period.

3. It is a common approach that a safety factor, say 15%, will be added
above the load calculation result for sizing the final cooling plant.
Unless I misunderstand your case, 80% downsizing the whole cooling plant
sounds abnormal to me especially nowadays load calculation software, such
as TRACE, has already considered block load and come up with a fairly
accurate results. ​

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