[Bldg-sim] umi 2.0 - Urban Modeling based on Rhino

Christoph Reinhart tito_ at mit.edu
Thu Nov 6 18:39:37 PST 2014

Dear colleagues and friends:

It is our great pleasure to announce the release of version 2.0 of umi, our urban modeling plug-in suite for Rhinoceros. With this email we are inviting you to take umi for a spin. umi 2.0 is significantly different from umi 1.0 so we encourage you to consult the updated user guide as well as a series of video tutorials<http://urbanmodellinginterface.ning.com/page/user-guide>. You can download umi from http://urbanmodellinginterface.ning.com/page/download.

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Notable differences to version 1.0 include:

o   In addition to operational building energy use as well as walkability and bikeability, umi can now also calculate embodied energy<http://www.ibpsa.org/proceedings/BS2013/p_1351.pdf> and floor area ratios (FAR).

o   Operational energy simulations use the EnergyPlus-based "shoeboxer" algorithm as presented by Dogan<http://www.ibpsa.org/proceedings/BS2013/p_1123.pdf> at SimBuild 2013.

o   Non-geometric building simulation assumptions are stored in a new template format as presented by Cerezo<https://www.ashrae.org/File%20Library/docLib/Events/ASHRAE-IPBSA-USA/Presentations/04_Cerezo.pdf> at SimBuild 2014.

o   Umi projects are now stored in a single *.umi file which contains the Rhino scene file, the epw weather file, building modeling templates as well as all simulation results. You can export any of this data to use it separately.

o   A new results viewer allows users to analyze and export simulation results as well as to import results generated from third party simulation environments.

o   Selected umi projects can be found on the new umiverse<http://web.mit.edu/SustainableDesignLab/projects/UMIverse/UMIverse.html> site.

Please share any bug reports under info at urbanmodeling.net<mailto:info at urbanmodeling.net>.

Happy simulations!

Christoph Reinhart, Carlos Cerezo, Timur Dogan, Ali Irani, Tarek Rakha, Cody Rose and Manos Saratsis

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