[Bldg-sim] Core and Shell Office Buildings: Do you model conference rooms

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Thanks Edwin.

FYI, I took out all conference spaces and made them open office to test the effect. While the ventilation rates and total energy consumption decreased as would be expected, the percent energy cost savings was not affected appreciably.

I am seeing a -0.2% decrease in energy cost savings between the 10% conference model and the 0% conference model. So I do not think that conference spaces affect the savings ¨C assuming VAV min turndown not causing excessive reheat in these zones.



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Hi Nick,

We¡¯ve used 10% as a standard proportion for meeting/conference spaces in a C&S office for LEED previously with no issues. We¡¯ve had comments specifically targeting this as a requirement for 62.1 calculations in C&S buildings when you have a multi-zone VAV system ¨C or any other system where the fresh air is a variable proportion of the conditioned air. We produced a notional floor plan suggesting how it could be zoned, although the level of detail used was minimal. This seems sensible given that the building upon fit-out will have a variety of space types, which will usually follow a relatively predictable layout and the design should be capable of coping with this.

Hope that helps,

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For a C&S office building, it seems there are no hard rules on how to handle conference rooms. My approach is to use a percentage of total office area 10-15%, as this gives realistic ventilation rates as well as internal people gains.

As is typical of highly ventilated interior zones, I may be seeing a penalty associated with modeling conference space in this way.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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