[Bldg-sim] I'm back (& I was gone)!

Nick Caton nick at 360-analytics.com
Mon Sep 15 10:29:02 PDT 2014

Hi everyone,


Some in the community have picked up on this (and some of you are directly
responsible), but for everyone else I wanted to give an informal heads up:
my email and physical location have changed up over the past few weeks!
Many colleagues in the onebuilding community contact me directly /
'off-list,' and I could not set an auto-reply or forwarding email address at
my previous inbox, so let this serve as my change-of-address notice for
those of you keeping me in your contacts lists!  Updated info is below in my
new email signature.


I've moved a few time zones over from KC to join the 360 Analytics team in
Seattle, WA.  It was hard to say goodbye to my friends and professional
associates in the Midwest, but I am very much looking forward to meeting and
associating faces to some of the familiar names in this area!  







Senior Engineer


360 Analytics
9750 3rd Ave NE, Suite 405

Seattle, WA 98115
office:  206.557.4732 ext. 205
 <http://www.360-analytics.com/> www.360-Analytics.com


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