[Bldg-sim] TR: ExCalibBEM : free tool to help calibrating models

Sansregret, Simon Sansregret.Simon at ireq.ca
Wed Sep 17 10:08:34 PDT 2014



We just released the first version of ExCalibBEM, a free tool to assist simulation experts in the calibration of EnergyPlus or DOE2.2 models. The software facilitates the implementation of parametric and optimization runs in order to achieve a better match between simulation results and measured data, especially on short time intervals (15 minutes). ExCalibBEM can be described as a complete interface to GenOpt, a generic optimization program developed by LBNL laboratory, with several interesting functionalities including the generation of an objective function for calibration purposes, the automatic creation of input template file with the required indicators and the visualization of simulated and measured data. 


Here is a short video presentation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biab4V2hmWM&feature=youtu.be


For more info and download : https://www.simeb.ca/ExCalibBEM/index_en.php


It is fully documented, with examples and a case study. Bilingual interface (English/ French).


Do not hesitate to send us your comments /feedback





Simon Sansregret


Laboratoire des technologies de l'énergie 

Institut de recherche 

600 ave de la Montagne 

Shawinigan (Québec) G9N 7N5 

Tél. : 819 539-1400, poste 1555 

www.hydroquebec.com <http://www.hydroquebec.com/> 

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