[Bldg-sim] 90.1-2010 Baseline lighting power allowance calculation

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There are multiple ways to approach proposed vs. baseline LPD’s & scheduling which would arrive at the same annualized answer for relative lighting end-use energies, however Table G3.1 has another line that helps clarify 90.1’s intent.  (I’m paraphrasing) “The lighting schedules (which are normally identical between baseline and proposed) are understood to reflect the mandatory automatic control requirements.”  The suggestion here is to use the baseline LPD’s presented, unmodified, for the baseline model.  In turn, the proposed model may take the prescribed “credit” for occupancy sensors anywhere they are used EXCEPT for the spaces identified within the mandatory requirements (section 9.4).  As an example, if you had a proposed LPD of 0.90 installed in an office with occupancy sensors everywhere, you could model 0.81 for all spaces excepting the conference/break rooms, where you’d model the actual LPD.  


Incidentally, if you are performing an Appendix G model for LEED, I believe this is the approach pushed by the EAp2 workbook/footnotes.


Be cognizant that the inverse procedure you’ve proposed (amplifying the baseline LPD, instead of reducing the proposed LPD) may have the same net difference for lighting consumptions, but may result in a different (possibly helpful / possibly detrimental) overall Appendix G performance rating percentage, as you are now playing with distribution of the baseline’s internal loads instead of the proposed model’s.


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Yes, it is what I understand for ASHRAE appendix G baseline but not NECB baseline. 

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I am somewhat confused about calculating the baseline lighting power calculation, Space-By-Space method, with respect to lighting controls.


For example, Table G3.1 states “Lighting shall be modeled having the automatic and manual controls in Section 9.4.  For a Conference/Meeting/Multipurpose room the LPD is 1.23 W/ft2. states that a conference room shall have an occupancy sensor.  Does this mean that the LPD is reduced by the factor listed in Table G3.2 is 10% for occupancy sensor in buildings greater than 5000 ft2.  So would the LPD for the baseline conference room be 1.23 * 0.9 = 1.1?


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