[Bldg-sim] 90.1 Ap. G System selection: 5 stories + Underground - System 6 or 8?

Santiago Velez santiagogvelez at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 07:24:14 PDT 2015

What is in your opinion the baseline for the following building:

Floor area:12,000 sqm (130,000 sqft)
Floors: 5 above grade, mostly conditioned. 5 underground parking, mostly
unconditioned apart from some conditioned spaces in the first below grade

Predominant Use: Office (85% of sqft),
Secondary use: bank in PB and below grade; Kitchen, below grade; control
security room, below grade.

I'm in between baseline 6 or 8. If conditioned spaces below grade fall
under exceptions to G3.1.1 b. then can I consider for the baseline that the
predominant building has 5 floors instead of 6?

Thanks in advance.

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