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Matt Edwards2 Matt.Edwards2 at crbusa.com
Tue Sep 1 14:14:59 PDT 2009

Hi All,


I am defining custom chiller curves using the Energy Design Resources
HVAC Simulation guide, and I am trying to determine how to handle the
DESIGN-PLR keyword.  The help function in eQUEST says that it is used to
differentiate between the "maximum" chiller capacity and the "design"
chiller capacity, and the example shown has the chiller specified at
Design Conditions rather than Rated Conditions.  


If I define custom chiller curves and specify a chiller at Rated
Conditions (SPECIFIED-AT is set to "Rated Conditions," ELEC-INPUT-RATIO
and CAPACITY are defined at ARI Conditions, and custom chiller curves
normalized to ARI Conditions are used), should the DESIGN-PLR keyword be
set to 1.0, meaning no further modification would take place to the
chiller curves I just created, or should DESIGN-PLR be set to an actual
difference in Design vs. ARI capacity, based on what the manufacturer
says?  This has a big swing in energy savings, so I know that DESIGN-PLR
does modify the chiller curves somehow.  The example indicates that this
is used when SPECIFIED-AT is set to "Design Conditions," but I don't
know if it extends to "Rated Conditions."


Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.




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