[Equest-users] Schedules & LEED

Lars Fetzek lfetzek at phoenixeng.us
Tue Sep 15 13:21:19 PDT 2009

    I'm modeling a LEED project.  According to ASHRAE 90.1, the schedules
for HVAC, occupancy, lighting, etcetera, "...shall be typical of the
proposed building type as determined by the designer and approved by the
rating authority."  (part 4 of table G3.1)
    Of course, I haven't a clue what the rating authority (USGBC) considers
appropriate.  I lack the expertise to determine this, myself.  Is there some
free (online?) resource that delineates typical schedules for building
types?  All I know is that the owner claims that the offices are open from
8am to 5pm.  (how informative!)
    Thank you all in advance.
Lars Fetzek, EI
Phoenix Engineering Group
Tampa, Florida
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