[Equest-users] Unmet Load Hours?

Josh Greenfield JGreenfield at primerachicago.com
Tue Sep 22 07:12:39 PDT 2009

eQuest frustration question:


I have a VAV system with HW reheat and DX cooling.  The AHU airflow is
auto-sized, the main HW heating coil is auto-sized, the zone VAV airflow
is auto-sized, the zone VAV HW reheat is auto-sized, and the zone HW
baseboard is auto-sized...why with all these auto-sized values will I
still have a warning that my zone has insufficient heating??  Wouldn't
eQuest auto-size the heating capacity to meet the load required?  I have
numerous systems with unmet load hours because of this type of warning
and need some advice on how or where to start in my attempt to get rid
of these unmet load hours for my EAc1 submittal.  Thanks.



             ZONE EL4 West Perim Zn (G.W14)       

             might have insufficient heating capability.

             Check that the SYSTEM or ZONE HEATING-CAPACITY plus this

             ZONEs BASEBOARD-RATING is adequate to maintain the ZONE

             specified DESIGN-HEAT-T for the calculated peak ZONE load

             (see LS-A or LS-B for the ZONE peak load.)



Josh Greenfield, PE, REP, LEED AP


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