[Equest-users] 90.1 appendix G proposed design requirement

Lars Fetzek lfetzek at phoenixeng.us
Thu Sep 24 08:24:18 PDT 2009

    Part 1b of table 3.1 of ASHRAE 90.1 (2004) appendix G (which, for the
moment, I'm assuming is unchanged in the 2007 edition that we're about to
order) says, "All conditioned spaces in the proposed design shall be
simulated as being both heated and cooled even if no heating or cooling
system is to be installed..."
    Most of my conditioned spaces have no heating equipment (HEAT-SOURCE =
not fabricate some phony heating equipment for those spaces for the
bureaucratic purpose of making the USGBC reviewer happy.  When I run the
simulation, the cooling load is significant during every month of the year.
Also, I note that the building zoning does not provide for simultaneous
perimeter heating and inner-zone cooling.  This is mid-southern Florida,
after all.  While I know that the HDD will require heating somewhere (no,
I'm not the designer), the simulated building performance does not show that
overall heating actually occurs.  Of course, the two zones that do have
actual heating equipment I'm happy to model as having actual heating
    Does anyone know, is showing a significant simulated cooling load
throughout every month of the year sufficient to satisfy the USGBC reviewer
without modeling a phony heating system?
Lars Fetzek, EI
Phoenix Engineering Group
Tampa, Florida
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