[Equest-users] simulating building performance

Lars Fetzek lfetzek at phoenixeng.us
Tue Sep 15 06:32:03 PDT 2009


	Though I am not familiar with this error, in particular, my
suggestion for fixing it is the following, which has workwed for some other
errors when I didn't want to start over in the wizard:

1.  Save and close the project.  Make a backup in a separate folder, just in
case the rest of what I suggest fails.
2.  Start a new project and use the wizard to set the weather/geographic
3.  Save and close the new project.
4.  Open the .inp file for the new project in notepad.
5.  Copy and paste the weather/geographic lines of code from this .inp file
to the .inp file in the original project, overwriting the corresponding data
6.  Close the .inp files in notepad.
7.  Re-open the modified original project .inp file in eQuest.  If it works
out, save it under a different name/folder and delete the other projects
that have been produced by this procedure.

     Good luck!

Lars Fetzek, EI
Phoenix Engineering Group
Tamps, Florida

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i finished all the input in equest and resolved all my errors, i wanted to
simulate building performance and this is the msg that i got: ***error***
End of file read on weather file.

what does it mean? i can't go back to the first page to change the weather
file anymore.. what should i do?

thank u

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