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Did u have jokes for breakfast ?



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Try Q=500*gpm*dT


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Hi equester,


i was checking my results fort he chilled water loop. I entered a delta
T of 11,8 F and a capacity of 21 MBTU/ h and in the PV-A report I find
also 21 MBTU/h and a flow of  3556.5 gpm (593 lb/s). I checked the delta
T using the formula Q=m*c*delta T 

Delta T = Q/(m*c) 

Delta T = 21*e6 Btu/h / (593 lb/s*3600s/h* 1 Btu/lbF ) = 9,8 F 


The mass flow is too high and the delta T too low but i have not
specified a massflow for the loop so it was up to equest sizing the
massflow. Do you get appropriate massflows ? I tried it with other delta
T but the temperature difference is always too low and the massflow to
high. Sizing option is primary. Any idea? Have a nice weekend.


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