[Equest-users] custom windows in EEM wizard error - changes not saved

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You didn't indicate if you created your Baseline Building in the Wizard, then changed to the Detailed Edit mode, made changes, then went back to the Wizards. THAT is when things tend to disappear.

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Subject: [Equest-users] custom windows in EEM wizard error - changes not saved
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Dear eQuest users, 


I’m doing an energy modeling for the LEED in
eQuest 3.63b. I have created a Baseline 
 Building (according to
ASHRAE 90.1) and now I want to create an as-design building, using the EEM Wizard.
I made a Whole Building Run in EEM Wizard and now I’m editing the
building in EEM Run Details. Everything is going fine, until I get to the
Custom Windows Placement part. I change the windows, click „Done“, finish
the wizard, save the project, close eQuest, open the project in eQuest again,
go to the EEM wizard, go to the Custom Windows and see, that non of the changes
in the windows has been saved!!! Moreover, any change I make from now (not just
the windows) are not saved too. 

I don’t use custom windows in Design Development
Wizard (which I used for the Baseline 
 Building ), but if I try,
it works fine and the changes are saved. 


Please, if have any idea what is going wrong I would
be very grateful for any help 


Best regards 


Miroslav Krenek 


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