[Equest-users] model an open-air corridor through bldg?

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I need a bit more information. When you say "open air", are speaking of:

1) A 50 story building with a courtyard in the middle (open to the sun and shading)
2) A single story school type structure with a walkway between the buildings (covered ??)
3) An enclosed space such as a "breezeway" (my Midwest roots are showing) where the corridor is essentially enclosed, not conditioned, but has natural ventilation blowing through it

Perhaps you could define your intent a bit more.


John Aulbach

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Subject: [Equest-users] model an open-air corridor through bldg?
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What is the best way to model an open-air corridor through the center of the bldg?
Shall I create conditioned zones around it & will that create the uncoditioned corridor "zone" by default? Or shall I create one zone per floor & simply build an unconditioned activity zone for the corridor?

new user - Mike

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