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Lars Fetzek lfetzek at phoenixeng.us
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Question answered.  Thanks, everyone.
Lars Fetzek, EI
Phoenix Engineering Group
Tampa, Florida


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eQuesters & DOE2-2ers,
    The DOE2-2 dictionary loves to use the phrase, "total fan power per unit
flow" in defining SUPPLY-KW/FLOW.  Clear as mud.
    I figured this:  At design conditions, the supply fan runs at 9.90 BHP
and 61.89% efficiency and the per-unit flow is at unity ( x CFM / x CFM =
1).  The motor nominal efficiency is 93%.  (No, I don't have a motor
efficiency curve.)  0.746 kW  = 1 HP.  Therefore, the fan kW  =  9.90 *
0.746 / ( 0.6189 * 0.93 )  =  12.83 kW.  The per unit flow is 1.  So...
SUPPLY-KW/FLOW  = 12.83, which I type into my .inp file.
    Naturally, eQuest gives me an error message, insisting that
SUPPLY-KW/FLOW must be between 0.0 and .0080.  Evidently, there is some
discrepancy involving units or the meaning of "per unit" in the context of
the quoted phrase.
    Can anyone clarify what eQuest really means and how to calculate
SUPPLY-KW/FLOW?  Is it supposed to be KW-per-CFM?
Lars Fetzek, EI
Phoenix Engineering Group
Tampa, Florida
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