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Short answer is no I have not received suggestions regarding my question below.

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James and fellow eQUEST users, have you found an answer or suggestions about how to model this situation?



I am using eQuest v6.2 and receive a zero design condenser water pump flow error on my model of a hybrid closed loop ground coupled vertical bore system with integral closed cell cooling tower attached to a water to water heat pump serving four pipe fan coil units.  I have been able to set up the same using a surface water with cooling tower but receive errors in zero design flow in my condenser water pumps.  I am using the detailed editor and have confirmed that design flow is specified in each of the pumps attached both on the load and source side of the water to water heat pumps.

Has anyone been able to successfully run water to water heat pumps with closed loop bores?  If so, have you been able to attached a closed cell cooling tower to it?  I appreciate any and all guidance and thank you in advance.

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