[Equest-users] Tilted roof?

Lars Fetzek lfetzek at phoenixeng.us
Tue Sep 22 07:31:54 PDT 2009

    I know that you are asking about the DD wizard.  Unfortunately, I gave
up on wizards long enough ago to have forgotten their specifics.
    For what it is worth, I will supply this answer concerning the detailed
mode:  Define your exterior walls on the left and right of your shown
cross-section as exterior walls and use the "height" parameter to set their
heights independently of the floor height.  Define whatever exterior walls
(if any) that would be parallel to the computer screen surface that shows
your cross-section as exterior walls referencing polygons.  Define the roof
as an exterior wall and use the "tilt" parameter to make it tilted.  For all
elements, check out the "azimuth" parameter to ensure proper rotation in
plan view.
    I suggest a mix of trial-and-error and doing good 'ol high school
trigonometry by hand on paper until it all works out.  Tedious, I know.  But
after alot of struggle doing things the "user-friendly" way, I have found
this approach easier.
    By the way, good info on all of these parameters can be found using the
help by right-clicking on the parameter fields ("height", etc.) and/or by
finding the DOD2-2 dictionary online.
    Good luck!
Lars Fetzek, EI
Phoenix Engineering Group
Tampa, Florida


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Is there a way in the eQuest DD Wizard to make a full tilted roof?  I know
there is a way to make a pitched roof, but that seems more geared towards
residential applications as they don't give you much flexibility in
tailoring it to your custom project.  I'm sure there is a way in the
Detailed Edit mode but in my first few attempts at that all my polygons went
crazy.  This is the type of tilted roof I want to model (section view) that
is tilted on the south orientation for PV panels:



Any help would be great.thanks.



Josh Greenfield, PE, REP, LEED AP


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