[Equest-users] lost the 3D Geometry tab

James Hansen JHANSEN at ghtltd.com
Thu Jun 10 12:08:28 PDT 2010

I'd put $20 on it being a hardware issue with your graphics card.
eQuest is pretty taxing on your graphics card, and I've had models that
show a 3D view tab on some computers but don't show it on similarly
equipped computers with lesser graphics cards.


Try it on another computer and see if you have any luck!




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As far as testing - I absolutely do spend a great deal of time testing
my models.  My point was that I haven't had a chance today to determine
if the issue was only occurring as a direct result of selecting the self

I don't need the 3-D view other than to visually inspect the input that
was done by others.

I will try closing everything else to see if it helps.  I have had
significant issues with the size of this model.

Thanks for the response.

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 2:58 PM, Pasha Korber-Gonzalez
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my guess is that this is a memory/refresh issue that eQuest & your
computer are fighting about.  If you have many other programs open while
you are trying to run a really LARGE eQuest file you will run into
issues with the 3-D graphic viewer and memory problems.


As far as "testing"--we are engineers & scientist and all good models
and all good simulators run "tests" or "experiments" to better
understand how the program is behaving.  Remember two things:  


1) if you are not "testing" your models, you are not doing quality work
to make yourself a good simulator--(I hate it too sometimes, but I have
to force myself to be the scientist that I am and that I was trained to
be. We have to "suck it up" and take the extra time to do the extra


2)  just because you see a problem with eQuest itself doesn't always
mean that there is a problem with your simulation (DOE-2.2)
results...remember that eQuest is a user interface and effectively
eQuest is only the translator between you (the user) and DOE-2 the
simulation engine.  Sometimes if you can get by with out having to see
the 3-D model images you can still run your simulations without the
visual reference.  If you don't need to look at your 3-D model view you
should still be okay to continue with your inputs and go foward with
your simulation.


For more assistance post your .pd2 & .inp file for others to look at,
however where you had mentioned your file takes soooo long to open this
is discouraging to those of us that are trying to meet our own project
deadlines.  One other thought for the future is to work with an
experienced modeler or attend a training class where you can learn how
to simplify your models and inputs for the sake of a more efficient
model file without losing design details that will affect the energy


My immediate advice would be:  close every other program you are running
simultaneously, and it might even be beneficial to just restart your
computer to clear it's memory, and then run some experiments to know
what this visual error is or is not affecting in your model, try and
figure out how you can re-zone your model so that it simplifies the run
times on your model.





On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 12:07 PM, Susan F <modelsenergy at gmail.com>

	The tab is really gone - see attached.  It seems to be when I
set SHADING-SURFACE = YES.  I haven't tested this many times yet though
as the model takes a long time to open.  


	On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 12:32 PM, Nick Caton
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	If you mean the 3D view is blank (typical on opening a large
previous project in my experience), that's something easily corrected by
running a simulation in my experience... if there's a faster way I'd
like to hear it though!


	If you mean you've literally lost the tab on the top - that's
weird!  I don't have any answers for you, but it might help to post a


	Error! Filename not specified.




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	In one of my models I have lost the 3-D Geometry tab - any idea
of how to get it back?



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