[Equest-users] ground-source heat pump with gas backup

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Here are two options that come to mind:
1.)     Add an electric HP-SUPP-SOURCE. Convert the electric use to gas
(by hand calculation, not within eQUEST) and use the furnace AFUE to
account for inefficiency.
2.)     Add baseboard heating of type FURNACE. Use OA TEMP control,
create a RESET-RATIO baseboard schedule and adjust the OA temperatures
to minimize daytime operation of the baseboards. You will need to create
an hourly report to see when the baseboards (furnaces) are coming on.
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The building is a school. Operating hours are basically 7am - 4pm. The
furnace operates as a backup only during the day, but at night is the
only one operating to maintain heating setback. 
I have two system types: one is a PVAV and one, a PVVT. 
I can shut down the pumps through a schedule for night-cycling, but
cannot see how to get only a furnace operating for night-cycling.
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Hi Demba,

What is the building type and operating schedule? Why the gas furnace as
back up to cycle on only at night?

On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 12:21 AM, Demba Ndiaye <Demba.Ndiaye at setty.com>
I have a ground-source heat pump that operates during the day. At night,
the pumps are shut off, and if the space needs heating to maintain the
setback temperature, a gas furnace kicks off. 
Said otherwise, only the furnace operates to maintain setback.
How would you model that?

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