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To be very clear:

The SD and DD Wizard generally give the same level of detail, with a few exceptions:

1) SD Wizard is for a SINGLE floorplan. If you building is 100 stories, but all the same floor plan AND building usage, the SD Wizard is fine.

The DD Wizard allows both multiple floor plans and multiple buildings to be modelled in the same run. If your building has an L-shaped 1st floor, a smaller rectangular 2nd thru 5th floor, and a smaller yer square top floor, then use the DD Wizard.

2) The SD Wizard allows only TWO types of HVAC systems. The DD Wizard allows different systems to be attahced to different zones within any shell.

3) Neither Wizard allows for ANY changes to people, lts, equipment, or DHW profiles. Nor does it account for elevator loads. If these will matter to you, start in your appropriate Wizard, do a Save AS, call your new file by the same name with a -DETAIL at the end of the name. Then cahnge the -DETAIL to the Detailed Edit mode to complete the scheduling changes.

I hope this gives you some guidance.

John Aulbach

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To all:
I am modeling an existing building for an energy audit in NY.  I am not sure if I should use the SD or DD Wizard.  Does anybody have any advise?
Thank you,

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