[Equest-users] Confirmation for finding the Baseline Energy Model Supply Airfllow

Kathryn Kerns kathryn.kerns at bceengineers.com
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We are having a discussion at the office about how to define the supply
airflow and energy model baseline. I pick the baseline system type per
Appendix G (packaged single zone, packaged VAV, etc., set the heating
sizing ratio to 1.25 and the cooling sizing ratio to 1.15, leave the
heating and cooling capacities blank so the model will auto-size, and
then set the default airflow to 0.5 cfm/sqft and let eQuest run. I then
check to see if the baseline energy model unmet hours are less than 300
and are within 50 hours of the proposed model. If the baseline energy
model is above 300 unmet hours or isn't within 50 hours of the proposed
model, I will then start tweaking the airflow in the baseline energy
model thermal blocks that are causing the unmet hour issues to solve the


Is this what everyone else is doing or do leave the airflow with the
default values it calculated with the 0,5 cfm/sqft limit and enter
capacity values in the previously blank HVAC cooling and heating
capacities slots so the baseline energy model stops auto-sizing? 





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