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Hi Michael


First you create two equipment controls in the DD edit mode, each listing
one the two chillers along with the design capacity, and give them
meaningful names (ie "Chiller 1 ON" and "Chiller 2 ON"). Then you create
daily schedules of type "flag", each of which has a flag number associated
with a chiller (for example, 1 and 2 for chillers 1 and 2). You then create
a matching weekly schedule for each daily schedule, and in the annual
schedule you would list each chiller type based on the time frame you wish
to run it in.


Next you create a load management of type schedule, and set your annual
"flag" schedule as the schedule when given the input screen. The load
management screen then provided has several tabs showing which equipment
control will be activated for each flag number. In one tab you put your
first flag number (ie 1), and the equipment control that turns that chiller
on ("Chiller 1 ON"). In the second tab you do the same for the second


This does not work for "waterside economizer" chillers, but will handle all
other types of chillers, as far as I know.





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How do you schedule two chillers to run on different months of the year.

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