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Pasha Korber-Gonzalez pasha.pkconsulting at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 09:11:14 PDT 2010

Hi Sam,

I have a guess on your issue, but not sure if it's the all of the answer...
I have used the PVVT system before to represent an air-cooled Heat Pump VRV
system.   I think that the issue you are running into is a water vs. air
issue with in eQuest's/DOE2.2 capabilities.  You will want to look at DOE2.2
Volume 3 under air-side topics to look at all the airside systems that will
allow you to use variable compressors (I think that PVVT is the only one.)
You will also want to look at  DOE2.2 Volume 2 under "chillers" and read
about the loop-to-loop HP and the water-to-water HP chillers and see if
either of these options allow you to represent a variable compressor---I
don't think so, but maybe I missed this capability.

If I were in your shoes, these are the first 2 places I would start my
'research' in how to represent what you are trying to evaluate in your
real-life design.   If you find that eQuest can't simulation variable
compressors on the water side then you will need to select other systems &
equipment choices that will best represent (thermal dynamically speaking)
the system you are evaluating.

With more detail about your system I am happy to help you look further into
your best options to develop your model.  You can find the pdf documents I
referenced via the help file.


On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 4:07 PM, Sam Mason <sam.mason at atelierten.com> wrote:

>  Does anyone have any experience in modeling water-cooled variable speed
> compressors?   I am comparing an air and water-source heat pump with two
> different compressor configurations (two-speed and variable). When I switch
> the water-cooled unit to variable speed, the entire water-loop does not
> operate.
> Any thoughts or a bug?
> Thanks in advance,
> Sam
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