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Are you seeking a peer review of the model? This seems like kind of a lot to
ask of the list serv for free, but many of us can be engaged to do it for a
reasonable fee.


On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 7:01 AM, Paul Diglio <paul.diglio at sbcglobal.net>wrote:

> Dear eQuesters:
> I am having some problems with the attached model and would appreciate any
> feedback.  Perhaps this design can be accurately modeled by eQuest?
> The design is a research lab portion of an existing building.  Just 1/4 of
> the first floor is being renovated.
> The main problem that I am experiencing involves the MAU that conditions
> the core area and that provides ventilation air to the reset of the spaces.
> A fan powered ERV is used for heat recovery.
> All the areas with the exception of the corridor are conditioned by a VRV
> heat pump system modeled as a PVVT with variable speed compressor.  There is
> existing hot water fin tube radiation on the exterior walls with the
> exception of the northeast and southeast walls that do not have any curtain
> wall.
> The 5 labs and 10 specialty labs located within the main labs are on the
> east and south sides.  8 ACH is required.  The 5 labs have a constant fume
> hood exhaust flow of 600 CFM each.
> The offices on the north and west sides as well as the corridor use 20 CFM
> per person for ventilation.  The large lecture room on the south side uses
> 15 CFM per person.  This air is exhausted through the ERV.
> The MAU supplies 7,500 CFM.  The ERV exhausts 4,300 CFM.  The reset of the
> MAU supply air is exhausted through the fume hoods.
> eQuest does not seem to correctly calculate the exhaust air to the ERV
> taking into account the lab exhaust and the ventilation air supplied to the
> office areas.
> I am getting some errors that I cannot eliminate and would greatly
> appreciate any help.
> Thank you,
> Paul Diglio
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