[Equest-users] Baseline scenario - Outdoor minimum air flow

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In addition to what Carol said, make sure you keep Sections G3.1.2.5 and G3.1.2.8 in mind.  Of course, G3.1.2.5 only refers to Ventilation air, but the way I interpret that is that I keep airflows in my baseline and proposed models the same.

I'm not too fond of G3.1.2.5, because I immediately think of designers who want to meet the increase ventilation Credit in LEED.  The increased ventilation obviously causes an increased load on the system that would not be there otherwise (i.e. in a "baseline" case).  So I personally feel that if a project is pursuing that credit, the baseline model should be based on 62.1 requirements, and the proposed model should include OA quantities as designed.  Regardless of how I feel, I still follow the Standard.

 If anyone has any insight as to why ASHRAE maintains this position, please let me know...I'm curious as to why :)

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Welcome back, Omar. For the baseline building leave it blank.

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 9:05 AM, Omar Katanani <omar at ecoconsulting.net<mailto:omar at ecoconsulting.net>> wrote:
Dear all,

It's been a while! I was busy with company work other than thermal modeling...

ASHRAE 90.1-2007 states that the VAV Minimum Flow Setpoint shall be 0.4CFM/ft2. I have put this in the zone air flow tab as in the picture attached (can you please check it?). However, the design value of the air flow is 2,800 CFM. Equest allows me to enter this value or leave it blank.

For the baseline modeling, shall I enter 2800 or leave it default blank?

Many thanks!
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