[Equest-users] No Heating from PVVT Heat Pump

Dakota Kelley dakotak at teliospc.com
Wed Sep 29 09:56:13 PDT 2010

Water-cooled heat pumps, ground loop or not, are considered system type PVVT.  Air-cooled heat pumps are considered type PSZ.  Try changing your system type to PSZ and your heating source to “heat pump”.    


You can also create a temporary project and set up an air-source heat pump in the wizard, then go inspect the system type/settings in the detailed interface to see how eQUEST interprets your inputs.






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From: Eddie Corwin [mailto:ecorwin at altanova-energy.com] 
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Subject: Re: [Equest-users] No Heating from PVVT Heat Pump


So I determined why I was not getting any heating, and the resolutions perplexes me.


 I am modeling an Air-to-Air heat pump, so in the air-side system --> Basics tab I selected "NO" for the field "WL/GS Ht Pump".  In doing so, I get no heating out of the system.  When I change the field to "YES"  I now get heating.  Attached are two images showing the field i am referring to, and showing that I have an air-cooled condenser.  Does anyone know why this might be happening.  I am worried that eQuest is treating my HP like a ground or water source HP instead of an air-to-air system.  Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.  By the way, I am using eQuest 3.64






From: Eddie Corwin <ecorwin at altanova-energy.com>
To: equest-users at lists.onebuilding.org
Sent: Tue, September 28, 2010 5:17:21 PM
Subject: [Equest-users] No Heating from PVVT Heat Pump

I am trying to model a PVVT system, that uses an air-cooled heat pump for heating and cooling.  For some reason, the system refuses to supply any heating.  When I change the condenser type from air-cooled to water-cooled, the system WILL provide heat.  Has anyone experienced problems like this, or has someone successful modeled a PVVT air-cooled heat pump?  I have attached my IDF and PD2 file for review.  

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