[Equest-users] HVAC system properties

Andres Franco andres.franco at dinpro.com.co
Fri Dec 14 08:15:38 PST 2012

Hi there, I´m making a Schedule within HVAC system properties and I must
include in it the efficiency of the equipment and it´s coefficients, but the
ASHRAE only talks about EER and I have some coefficients in SEER, I want to
know which is the best formula since the efficiency of the equipment changes
a lot if I chose one formula or the other one,  I include the related
formulas I talked about


1) EER = 0.875 * SEER

2)  EER = –0.02 × SEER² + 1.12 × SEER


Tnx in advance, best regards.





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