[Equest-users] Warning in HVAC system

Mayank Bhatnagar mayank.23aug at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 21:29:21 PST 2012

Hello Everyone,

I have modeled DOAS unit with chilled water circuit. I have used DOAS
modelling suggested by Energy-Models only change I have made in system type
: Energy Model suggest PVVT system but here chilled water provide cooling
to OA so I have model as VAV system. This DOAS unit is attached with
various VAV units to supply OA through specifying DOAS unit as OA system.

The warning is :
TFAU                             defined as an OA-FROM-SYSTEM
             has OA flow requirement of    11971. CFM
             But its calculated/specified SUPPLY-FLOW is only        10. CFM
             Its SUPPLY-CFM has been reset to meet requirement, however it
             strongly recommended you re-run with this SUPPLY-FLOW

Please help me out.

Thank you.


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