[Equest-users] Integrated Window Blinds in Dual Pane Windows

Peter Baumstark pbaumstark at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 22 17:51:33 PST 2012

Ok. . .  I have a situation where I'm modeling a facility relative to ASHRAE 
90.1 baseline.  The customer is using dual pane, low-e windows, with integrated 
venetian blinds between the two panes of glass.  One pane is low-e and the other 
is clear.  Air gap between the two (not Argon or anything like that).

I use the LBNL Windows tool, with blinds set at 45 deg, and the blinds increase 
the window assembly U value and SHGC significantly.

So for performance relative to 90.1, would it be acceptable to simply utilize 
the U & SHGC from with Windows tool?  Are there any restrictions on the angle of 
the blinds, or whether the angle should be different for winter vs summer?

I'd appreciate any guidance on how to best model this scenario.

Thank you,
Pete Baumstark
San Jose, CA
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