[Equest-users] Lochinvar Squire/Knight system

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That's usually what I do.

You can also specify a process load on the hot water loop that the boiler is attached to.  The problem I see with this method is that the load does not get broken out separately as a domestic hot water load on the BEPS/BEPU and other reports. Also, you can't specify a different entering water temperature (typically 50F) for the DHW, so you may not get the full benefit of efficiency from a condensing boiler. These may not be big issues for you depending on the nature of your project.


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Has anyone modeled a Squire/Knight combination system?  The Knight (gas fired boiler for space heating) is indirectly heating domestic hot water in the Squire.  It seems a simple work around is to create a separate domestic hot water heater that has the same characteristics as the boiler.  Anyone have a different suggestion?


Rob Hudson
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