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Jonathan Bowser JonathanBowser at beck-technology.com
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As far as modeling different floor footprints, you do that by creating multiple shells, and there are various properties in the shell's wizard that you set that define the relationship between the multiple shells.  The properties that come to mind deal with spatially locating one shell on top of another and ground floor exposures.

So in your example, you create two shells.  The first shell has 5 floors with the same footprint and the second shell has 6 shells with a different footprint.  You then locate shell 2 above shell 1.

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I've just downloaded Equest and started playing with the options of this software.
First, I thought of drawing the whole architecture of my building and then include all the energy-related parameters, as I used to do in another software.
For one thing, I imported a cad file (with SI units) to Equest, I read that so far it's not possible to work with SI units in Equest, but it really doesn't matter (at least so far).
Then, I've noticed that there is no way to click exactly on the vertices of my drawing (I think one way to solve this problem is to decrease the grid resolution in the 'Poligon View Properties' dialog box) even selecting snap CAD as first.
Also, my building has different floors, and so far I just know how to draw one specific floor and replicate as many times as floors my building has. However, how can I draw different floors for the same building? I mean, from the first to the fifth floor are the same, and from the sixth to the eleventh is another structure.

I really appreciate your help!
Thanks in advance.

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