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Fan energy attributable to the enthalpy wheels will appear in the ERV Energy Recovery Summary reports. It is also included (but not broken out) in the SS-H, SS-L and SS-M reports, except for the bottom portion of SS-L where the supply and return fans are broken out.
Hint: For the SS-L and SS-M reports,
Total fan electric (FE) energy = FE during heating + FE during cooling + FE during floating - FE during heat & cool


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I would look into the enthalpy wheels more.  I usually zero out the kW/cfm on the wheels if the fan energy is already accounted for elsewhere, but still leave a 0.0001 dP accross the wheel.  Also, try leaving the CFMs at default in the supply and exhaust inputs for the wheel.  Occasionally these cause issues because the fan is trying to get more airflow from the fan.

Hope that helps,
Rob H
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Hello all,

Does anyone know exactly what's included in the "Total SYSTEM/ZONE fan (supply, return, exhaust) elec consump (kw)" value in hourly reports? I am having an issue with my model where I have unexpectedly high fan energy use and when I trend the aforementioned point along with the supply and return fan power, the total system/zone fan kW is much greater than the sum of the supply and return fan kW. In some cases 10 times greater. I'm using PVAV system type with enthalpy wheels. I've zeroed out the dP across the wheel because I have a given fan capacity. No fan-powered boxes in the zones. No exhaust fans in the zones. I'm stuck trying to determine where the extra fan energy is coming from.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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