[Equest-users] Integrated Window Blinds in Dual Pane Windows

Chris Jones cj at enersave.ca
Wed Dec 26 20:25:13 PST 2012

Window6 can model complex glazing like Venetian blinds between the glass panes.

At 08:51 PM 22/12/2012, Peter Baumstark wrote:
>Ok. . .  I have a situation where I'm modeling a facility relative 
>to ASHRAE 90.1 baseline.  The customer is using dual pane, low-e 
>windows, with integrated venetian blinds between the two panes of 
>glass.  One pane is low-e and the other is clear.  Air gap between 
>the two (not Argon or anything like that).
>I use the LBNL Windows tool, with blinds set at 45 deg, and the 
>blinds increase the window assembly U value and SHGC significantly.
>So for performance relative to 90.1, would it be acceptable to 
>simply utilize the U & SHGC from with Windows tool?  Are there any 
>restrictions on the angle of the blinds, or whether the angle should 
>be different for winter vs summer?
>I'd appreciate any guidance on how to best model this scenario.
>Thank you,
>Pete Baumstark
>San Jose, CA
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