[Equest-users] modeling underground heating and VRF for the same zone

Mohammad Almasri malmasri at ems-int.com
Sat Jan 21 03:42:54 PST 2012


We are working on energy model for a project under the LEED v2.2.

In this project , two systems have been specified for the same area , VRF
system and underground heating system.

This is due to the cold weather conditions where the underground heating
will be the main heating system in the coldest months in the year (DEC-
FEB) and in the rest of the year the VRF /Heat pump system will used to
supply the cooling and the heating.

In eQUEST , we found that the Radiant slab system supplied from water loop
( and after the modifications for the flooring layer) will be the best
approximation for the underground heating. The problem in eQUEST , the
single zone can be served by one system and no chance to connect 2 systems
and run a schedule.

I had a suggestion for this but I don’t know if its applicable and will be
approved by the USGBC ; where I will create two models , one for the VRF
and the another one for the UGH system. And the schedule will calculate the
energy consumed during the actual operation period for each one. The
results then will be combined on excel sheet to calculate the overall
energy consumption.

Please , your feedback if this applicable.

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