[Equest-users] BEMP Exam

Ömer Moltay omoltay at mimtarch.com
Thu Jan 26 14:28:06 PST 2012

Dear All,

I hope you don't mind that this is a bit off topic, but I believe there 
should be some people who have taken the BEMP exam here.

Can exam takers provide some sample questions to give an idea about the 
difficulty of this exam? I am not sure about the level of detail the 
questions go into. Is reading and understanding everything once 
sufficient or should things like equations etc. be memorized? There is 
so much information in the ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook, I am not sure 
how to be selective regarding the chapters.

Also, for other people who might be preparing, ASHRAE published an Exam 
Study Guide for this, which is available for purchase on its website. It 
provides a bit more information about which chapters of the reference 
material are relevant, but I find the study guide also not very 
indicative of the level of detail they want.

Thank you,

Omer Moltay

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