[Equest-users] How to Claim Credits for Natural Ventilation in Multifamily High Rise Residential?

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First, your method for ventilation needs to be the same in the baseline and
proposed cases.  You will need to provide documentation & calculations that
shows each space within the dwellings complies with Natural Ventilation
requirements.  In Equest, the best way to account for NV is to adjust your
infiltration.  Change the internal loads to account for 0.35 Air Changes per
hour for each NV space, in the baseline and proposed.  LEED reviewers are
particular that natural ventilation is accounted for 24/7.  If your HVAC fan
runs continuously this isn't a problem, but most residential systems are
intermittent and modeling natural ventilation as infiltration is the


Joshua W. Chapman, P.E., LEED AP
Scot Engineering Properties Inc.

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Dear All,

What is the methodology for LEED projects to claim credits (if
possible?) for natural ventilation in dwelling units? In the building I am
working on, only openable windows are used for natural ventilation, there is
no engineered system. Cooling / heating will be provided by VRF units. Can
one make an assumption that occupied spaces will be ventilated by natural
means during the times they are occupied in the proposed case, while for the
baseline case mechanical ventilation will apply?

Thank you,

Omer Moltay

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