[Equest-users] Help - Parametric Run Issue

Umesh Atre umesh at innovativedesign.net
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After opening eQUEST, select the *.inp file and try loading that. 
This model might not have your parametric runs, but hopefully you could
at least salvage your base model.


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I am having an issue loading my model after attempting to complete a
series of parametric runs. I have attached my .inp, .bdl, and .prd (the
txt file) files. 


The model ran through the first parametric run successfully and then
stopped. Therefore I have a resulting .sim file for the baseline and
first parametric run.


After receiving an error about expecting a character vs. numeric value
in the .prd file, I shutdown eQUEST and attempted to restart my model.
Now it will not load and my .bdl file contains the following error:


"ERROR: Cannot open a required file: 


It does not exist or is in use. Correct this and retry."


I could really use some assistance.





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