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Hi Brendan,

My suggestion, to be sure that both baseline and proposed models are using the exact same fan and cooling energy for these spaces, would be to auto-size both the proposed and baseline models to determine which model requires the largest cfm and cooling capacity (check your unmet hours in these spaces to make sure you don't have any).  Then, I would hard input both models with this larger cfm and cooling capacity.  This way, you're ensuring that you don't have any unmet hours and both of your models are identical.  I would also set the fan control to Constant Volume and the cooling control to constant, again, to ensure the two models are identical.

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Hey all,

I need help with a comment that I got back on my final review.  I have a 4 zones that are heating only, two are storage rooms with only unit heaters and two are vestibules with air curtains. I was told I need to put cooling into those spaces identical to the baseline per Table G3.1 Proposed 10d. Makes sense. I am using a system 6 so  I switched my system type to package single zone so I could have DX cooling to match the baseline and electric heating to match my proposed in the same zone. My question is in what air volume and fan energy I should use. Should I use the CFM and fan kW that was scheduled or let it auto size at 20° dT and use the ASHRAE fan energy equation? It seems that either way I go I am either going against putting in the proposed building as scheduled or having identical cooling in both.

I am in the position of having to appeal so I need to get this to a satisfactory point on the first try. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

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