[Equest-users] Auxiliary Energy Savings

Kelsey Van Tassel KVanTassel at sustaineng.com
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>From the DOE-2.2 Help:

Pumps & Auxiliary includes "all pumping energy, all energy defined using any auxiliary energy keywords (such as for a boiler, chiller, or furnace), crankcase heat of DX equipment, and humidification energy."

In my case, I have a building that uses air-source heat pumps in the baseline and geothermal heat pumps in the proposed. The reports show savings under Pumps & Aux for the proposed because the geothermal heat pumps do not have crankcase heaters even though there is additional pumping energy.

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Hi Kushagra,

Can't say exactly what to look for, but I can tell where I'd start:  Open the pdf under Help -> Tutorials and Reference -> Detailed Simulation Reports Summary.pdf

Scroll down to the last few pages - there you'll find a decent description of what's covered under each use category - may give you some ideas of items to review.

>From general recollection - you're probably looking for something under the waterside tab, or perhaps something like  heatpump defrost/heat trace.

I'd emphasize trying to understanding why you're seeing that consumption before concluding it needs to be removed ;).

Best of luck!


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Hi All,

In my model, there are some auxiliary energy savings. The system has got no hot water source. The heating is by Heat Pump. Can anyone guide me, what saving is getting reflected as auxiliary and how to cut it down.

Many Thanks

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