[Equest-users] Factory Building with Refrigeration

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The refrigeration version would allow the space temperatures typical of an ice cream factory.  I can't remember the exact temperature, but you cannot model a space in the regular version of eQuest too much below 50-degrees-F.  Also, I haven't seen many industrial ammonia absorbers but ammonia is a common low-temperature refrigerant.  The refrigeration version has the components typical to a refrigeration plant (separate compressors, evaporators, and condensers) while the standard version would have to be forced into modeling it and certain components might not even be able to do that.

The refrigeration version is very powerful and I've used it on projects before, but it is a little bit more raw than the standard version.  We had a complex project that required both ground-source heat pumps and refrigeration and unfortunately couldn't use just one version of eQuest to model the building, which made for an interesting process.

I have nothing against eQuest and we ended up with a solid model due partly to the software, but if I had to do such a complex model over again I would probably pick TRNSYS instead just due to the flexibility to build in multiple unique components.  If your model is more of a standard refrigeration system, though, the refrigeration version of eQuest should be fine.  I'd recommend getting in touch with the James Hirsch team for assistance if needed since the experience on the lists tends to be thinner on this topic.  They were very helpful to us when we used the software.

Jeremy R. Poling, PE, LEED AP+BDC

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Dear All,

We are faced with an ice cream factory where all the production spaces and finished product warehouse spaces are cooled with ammonia absorption chillers. We are trying to understand if there is any need to use the eQuest Refrigeration version? What are the advantages of this over the standard eQuest releases? As far as I know, the standard version can also model absorption chillers. In which cases does it make sense to use the Refrigeration version? What are your recommendations on how to approach modeling this building?

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