[Equest-users] Evaporative Cooling - Heating usage goes UP ??

Joe Huang yjhuang at whiteboxtechnologies.com
Thu Mar 8 11:18:06 PST 2012


This does not surprise me at all.  How are you controlling the evaporative coolers?  Many 
things change when
you use an evaporative cooler (100% OA, more pre-cooling, etc.) , so you may be leaving 
the building at the lower temperature at the beginning of  the next day that then 
necessitates more heating.  I'd suggest you take a look at the indoor temperatures and 
compare them to those with a RTU.  As to what to do about it, it depends on what's your 
objective - to minimize energy cost or electricity, no increase in heating fuel, etc.  
Achieving that would
require some tweaking of the operations.


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On 3/7/2012 4:24 PM, John Aulbach wrote:
> I took several RTU units and replaced them with Evaporative Cooling in the Los Angeles 
> area. In some zones, my heating consumption went UP. Any suggestions?
> John Aulbach
> Partner Energy
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