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Your sketch shows that the interstitial spaces contain uninsulated return ductwork. Without knowing more about the design, I’d be tempted to model the interstitial spaces as unconditioned plenums. This is easy to do in eQUEST. The spaces would not be counted as conditioned floor area in the DOE-2 reports and I don’t see any LEED concerns. Check the definitions in ASHRAE 90.1 for space, conditioned space, semiheated space and unconditioned space, and reference Table 3.1, to confirm that the interstitial spaces meet the definition of unconditioned. LEED reviewers are familiar with these definitions and will refer to them if they question your modeling assumptions for the interstitial spaces.

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Hello group,

I’m unsure how to deal with interstitial spaces between floors (see sketch attached) that are only indirectly heated and cooled. This is for a LEED project, so I have to document how I account for the energy in eQuest.  The spaces are not occupied, and should not count toward building area gross square feet. Simply treating the spaces as unconditioned on one side of a horizontal partition won’t be very accurate.

I have considered modeling the interstitial spaces separately, exporting the hourly loads and temperature profiles, and creating some sort of internal load to represent them – but that sounds like a long way around to get where I’m going.

Does anyone have a hint for me?


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