[Equest-users] Combined Space Heating and DHW From Single Boiler

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Fri Mar 30 09:36:03 PDT 2012

Run it with DHW and see what dhw load you get. The schedule for the process
load is same as that for DHW. Then put in a value for the process load and
play with it till you get the same value as the DHW (you can also calculate
it and avoid the iteration). The ground temp does not vary much for mild
locations - depending on how accurate you want to be, you can get the
hourly data for the ground temp and use that to be more precise in the
process load. It is basically 12 values - one for each month.

2012/3/30 Ömer Moltay <omoltay at mimtarch.com>

>  Yes, but when you specify a DWH loop, DOE calculates the DWH load by
> using mains water temperature from the weather file, etc on an hourly
> basis, right? How can I calculate the DWH load on an hourly basis with a HW
> loop?
> but wouldn't the load be dependent on mains water temperatures that are
> variable and that DOE takes from the Weather File as ground temperatures
> when the DHW loop is specified? How can I
> 3/30/2012 5:57 PM tarihinde, R B yazdı:
> You could model the DHW loop as a hot water loop - and add process load to
> it which is equal to the dhw load.
> -Rohini
>  2012/3/30 Ömer Moltay <omoltay at mimtarch.com>
>> Dear All,
>> A residential building has a flat station for each dwelling unit, where a
>> single HW loop is branched into a secondary HW loop for space heating and a
>> secondary DWH loop. We are thinking of creating secondary loops for each of
>> the 90 dwelling units, as we believe that this will result in a more energy
>> efficient operation reflecting the operation principle of flat stations.
>> Anyway, eQuest keeps telling us that the Primary of a secondary DHW loop
>> has to be a DWH loop as well. How else do you suggest we model this case?
>> Thank you,
>> Omer Moltay
>> Mimta
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